• Kitesurfing is a mixture of surfing, wakeboarding, & paragliding, incorporating the most thrilling and addictive features of these three sports. Chances are if you have tried either of these sports, you'll have a head start when it comes to kitesurfing!

  • Kitesurfing is available to individuals of almost any age, shape, and size! The most important thing is that you can swim and have moderate core strength & flexibility. If you think you are lacking in these areas perhaps this sport is just what you need!

  • Kitesurfing is when we harness the power of the wind with a large partially-inflated kite, using it to pull us over the surface of the water. We can ride on flat water, waves, and perform jumps using our kite to float through the air!

  • SIZE MATTERS! There are different sized kites for different wind conditions and different sizes/weights of individuals. Larger kites are used (to catch more wind) on light wind days, and smaller kites are used (to catch less wind) in stronger winds!

  • Kitesurfing isn't super difficult to learn, but it does require patience and perseverance. Getting frustrated because you are not riding like a pro on your first lesson is not cool! Stick at it, its well worth the wait!

  • Kitesurfing may well become an integral part of your lifestyle, changing your weekly ritual, travel habits, and the people you come into contact with. This sport is a physical workout, a mental stimulant, & a great way to meet people!

    Everyone is different! On average it takes 6-10 hrs of coaching to get someone up and riding on the board!